New Initiative!! 7 Day Power Packed Breakfasts

Adult and child walking out of the house ready for school. Busy hurry healthy breakfast

7 Day Power Packed Breakfasts



Power Pack Your Morning with fresh, made to order meals and smoothies 

created by Kerri Lambie, Holistic Nutritionist and Registered Homeopath.

As a mother to 2 boys and a modern professional woman, Kerri understands the challenges that come with trying to plan and execute: fast, convenient, nutrient dense meals.. especially in the morning!. 

Taking from her own experiences and professional expertise she’s created the 7 DAY POWER PACK BREAKFAST MENU  to help lighten that morning load so your day can start with clarity, peace and the energy to Get. It. Done!


  • 4 Assorted fresh made smoothies (14oz) (7 day supply- 2 Green Dream, 2 Berry Good, 2 Chocolate Mint, 1 Tropical Coconut).  Whey or Plant based Protein Powders available upon request
  • 2 Breakfast Burrito wraps- meat, vegetarian or vegan tofu scramble
  • 4 Quinoa cups- meat, vegetarian, vegan chia egg (2 days 4 cups in total)
  • 4 Gluten-free oat breakfast cookies- (2 days 4 cookies in total) 
  • 1 Baked quinoa breakfast bowl

**Made fresh to order these meals and smoothies are designed to be frozen as needed**

** Orders for Morning Office Meetings also available upon request**

Kerri Lambie Hom, R.H.N

Registered Homeopath

Holistic Nutritionist


Insta- @kerri.nutrition_homeopathy


Phone- 416 889 9392

Kerri provides services as both a Registered Homeopath and Holistic Nutritionist. She integrates these therapies to provide treatments that optimize mental, emotional and physical health.

**As a homeopath, Kerri provides constitutional homeopathic consultations to address long term and chronic health concerns. 

**As a holistic nutritionist, she places emphasis on assessing the whole person. She believes in the healing capabilities that food can provide and uses her education and experience to help guide people towards a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.